What are the Pros & Cons of a Valet Parking Job?

A valet parking attendant has a job to park and retrieve cars for guests at various places such as restaurants, casinos, and even banquet halls. Valet parking is a huge convenience to guests that want to avoid driving around to search for a place to park their vehicle. It also helps those who don’t want to walk from the lot to the entrance of the facility. Valet jobs are considered career jobs, but they are great ways for people to earn some extra money. There are several pros and cons of holding a valet position.



Valets normally work with a large group of others at one single time. This is why it is important for valet attendants to move quickly when parking and retrieving a guest’s vehicle to decrease waiting times. In order for an attendant to accomplish their job successfully, they will usually jog to and from vehicles. This can be seen as a health benefit for an attendant. It differs from sitting behind a desk for long hours every day. Valet attendants are on their feet all day and remaining active.

Driving Cars

If you are a car enthusiast, you are going to enjoy parking other vehicles as a valet attendant. Valet parking is a job that is offered at places where formal events take place. Chances are high that the people attending these events are going to be showing up in nice vehicles. This gives car enthusiasts a chance to drive a variety of different cars, almost like a test drive. For many, it can be seen as another benefit to the job.

Minimal Education Requirements

There are very few requirements needed to be seen as qualified for valet jobs Denver CO-located, and other places. Valet workers typically only need to be 18 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license, and have at least a high school diploma or GED. An attendant obviously should be able to drive vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions and undergo a drug and criminal background check.



Valet parking consists of a lot of hustle and bustle. This can be seen as a huge disadvantage for many people that dislike the idea of being on their feet all day. Valet attendants must stand up their entire shifts, and jog to and from vehicles. Sometimes they may even be required to lift packages and other items weighing up to 50 pounds. All of these things must be done while still remaining friendly, and polite to guests. This can be seen as a challenge for some people which can result in a lot of exhaustion at the end of the day.

Working Late Hours

For those that don’t mind working late hours, this is the perfect job for you. However, for those who dislike working late hours, this may not be a great position for you. Valet attendants must be ready at all hours of the day. Many restaurants and banquet halls only offer valet service during the evening hours. A valet attendant’s job is usually not the typical nine to five job. Sometimes attendants must remain on duty until at least 2 a.m.