What is TikTok and why is it so popular?

Person holding black android smartphone

You’ve probably heard about TikTok more than once. Virtually everyone has been talking about him lately, and the pandemic has sparked that interest. The TikTok application mixed up in the marketing industry so much that many agencies began to offer services related to it, and the industry press created hundreds of articles about it. But what is TikTok? Simply put – it is an application that allows you to create 60-second video materials with musical elements. It is commonly accepted that it is used to show dance routines, which of course is true to some extent, but only to a small extent because the topic is much wider!

How does TikTok work?

The answer to this question is by no means unequivocal. Its main goal is to increase creativity and transmit fun. On the other hand, TikTok is great for advertising products or services, for example using storytelling. At the moment, there is still room for more companies there, and the user does not feel so overwhelmed with their presence as on other social media like the best online casino. Thanks to this, you can convince users and build a large community.

What is the TikTok phenomenon?

Why all the fuss about TikTok? Why is it worth going there with your brand? The main factor behind the popularity of this application is high organic ranges, which can be generated relatively easily, using, for example, storytelling. Creating a brand story using TikTok allows for a creative placement of a product or service, which will make it more attractive to a potential customer. The TikTok application promotes new creators, so after creating an account, you can reach a larger audience. This translates not only into the willingness to continue creating but also to deepen the base of potential customers. The TikTok algorithm selects content similar to the content that is most often watched, therefore by creating specific content, it reaches people who are interested in it, and not random users.

Your target audience is also on TikTok

“TikTok is an app for kids!” – such voices are heard among skeptics. How much truth is there in that? Research carried out by IAB Polska says that this application has the highest number of people in the 13-24 age group. This means that the application is not only used by children but mainly by people who already consciously make purchasing decisions. Moreover, among the creators, you can find cases of people who are much older than the given age range, which confirms the fact that you can reach older audiences with this application.

What is the conclusion of this?

It’s worth experimenting with being active on TikTok, as research shows that young users, mostly between the ages of 13 and 18, spend over an hour a day there. A wise combination of creativity and valuable message gives you unlimited opportunities to engage your audience and stand out from the competition. It is more than “traditional” social media. If your potential audience is older, it’s still a good idea to create content there, as it looks like it won’t stop developing. Therefore, older people will start appearing there, and the brand will already have an established position. You do not have to worry that the brand image will suffer, because the company will appear on TikTok, and the appropriate strategy and well-thought-out actions will defend themselves.

Who do users watch most often and where to get inspiration?

The research conducted by OpenMobi shows that it is the influencers that are most often watched there. As many as 62.4% of respondents chose that they like watching popular artists the most. From the same report we can learn that other types of content that are eagerly watched are: transitions (creating very dynamic and natural transitions between TikTok frames), #hashtagchallenge, or the “For You” section.

Successful tiktokers on this platform mainly focus on creating comedy content. Maria Jeleniewska, who has already gathered over 12 million observers, is among the Polish authors.

Interestingly, not only humorous materials are eagerly watched. A good example is the x-kom computer store, which collected 20 million profile views. He did it only thanks to the regular publication of tiktokas and a creative approach to the topic. Collecting such a sum of followers and views on other social media would be associated with high costs.

TikTok is a place that engages many young users. Especially from the  Z generation which is entering the market and is more trusting than previous generations. It is a very engaging medium for them. Therefore, it is worth considering your presence on this platform in your marketing activities.