What You Should Know About Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging

Whether you own a business that provides goods through Amazon, or you are just an avid shopper, you want to know that the items you send or receive in the mail are safe, yet easy to open. This is why Amazon created a system called Frustration-Free Packaging in 2008. The system is still going strong today. Here is what you should know about it.

It Uses a Lab Stress Test

As packages travel through the mail, they are tossed around, ride on bumpy roads, and might become stuck under other packages. To make sure your mail is safe on the road, Amazon uses ISTA 6 Amazon APASS Testing as well as other stress tests to make sure your items ship and arrive safely. These tests use drops, vibrations, squeezes, and other stressors to make packaging better and more reliable.

The Company Listens to Customers

Customer feedback is important to Amazon and the companies that sell their products on its website. When you ship or receive something through the website, the purchaser might receive an email asking them to rate their purchase. Sometimes, in these emails, Amazon asks specific questions about the packaging. They might wonder whether it arrived intact or if the purchaser had trouble opening it.

Amazon Works With Other Companies

Amazon does not just want to satisfy customers. It wants to satisfy the companies it works with. This is why Amazon works with other manufacturers around the world. It helps them create new package ideas that use less waste, save money, and make transporting goods around the world easier to do.

If you want to make sure that your packages stand up to the woes of transportation, take some ideas from the Amazon playbook. Use their frustration-free packaging ideas to make sure that your goods get to your customers in one piece. This way, your customers will keep coming back.

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