Why You Should Become a Notary

How many times have you needed to run down to City Hall or to a local business to get something notarized? And isn’t it always at the last possible? People need certain documents to get certified for authenticity to ensure their validity, especially when they involve financial transactions. These days there are different kinds of scams occurring on a daily basis across the country. Notaries help reduce instances of fraud and identity theft every day, and they help increase people’s feelings of assurance in times of high stress. The need for a notary comes up more often than you might realize, and it’s not hard to get certified. Here are a couple of reasons you might want to consider becoming a notary.

Easy Process

Becoming a notary is much easier than you might think. In some states you can complete almost the entire process online, including purchasing a Notary Stamp and Seal Package. Each state administers their own notarization guidelines so be sure you’re following the appropriate steps for your state.

Make Extra Income

Most states determine how much can be charged for notarization services, but if it’s something you do on the side this is a great way to earn extra income. It only takes a couple of minutes and in some states you can earn up to $10 for each notarization you perform.

Build Up Your Resume

Being a certified notary is a great addition to any resume. Many employers would love to have such a resource at their disposal. It can save them several hundred dollars a year, if not more – depending on the type business they’re in.

Help Friends and Neighbors

Your friends and neighbors will be ecstatic to learn that you can offer them this service. Knowing someone who can notarize documents can be a tremendous benefit during stressful times.

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