Your Guide to Finding Metal Sanding Machines for Your Machine Shop

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Running a machine shop is a challenging prospect that requires balancing your tools and taking care of your metal sheets. Though there’s a huge potential for profit in this industry, producing rough or unappealing metal products may sabotage your results and cause serious issues.

Thankfully, it should be easy to find an option in the Apex machine group that can suit your needs. Understanding these different deburring and sanding options can help you find one that suits your metal shop’s needs and ensure that you take care of your pieces quickly and easily.


Abrasives include various sanding strips that are designed for multiple machining material types. For example, there are options for wood, plastic, and metal, which you may all need for your shop. Each abrasive has different ratings based on how finely they sand a piece of material. Find an option that meets your specific needs, particularly if you’re looking to produce very fine and smooth parts for your machining operation.

Dry Metal Machines

Dry metal machines are a powerful tool that can work with things like a metal brush machine to help with slag grinding, deburring, edging, paint surface preparing, and removing dross. They can handle a pretty heavy load of parts and sheets, meaning that they’re a good option for companies trying to produce a lot of items quickly. A great machining shop needs at least one or two of these devices.

Wet Metal Machines

Wet metal machines are a great option if you’ve struggled to control product heat problems and have experienced deformed parts and sheets as a result. They also help decrease explosion risks, while also providing dimensioning, edging, finishing, and deburring help. This option is a superb choice for your newer machining specialists because it can ensure that they don’t cause any serious mistakes in your labor, errors that may cost you hundreds of dollars per part.

Wet Dust Collector

Metal dust can be a serious problem for any machine shop and can cause things like breathing issues or even cause fires if you’re not careful. Thankfully, this tool can collect any metal dust from your machines as they operate and minimize their spread through the air. It uses a wet chamber that weighs down this dust and collects it to ensure that your shop is safe and to minimize risks to your team. This benefit is huge and can also minimize dangerous fire risks for your shop.

Metalworking Sander

Metalworking sanders can help you sand various metal pieces by hand by using an abrasive belt. You can typically change out this belt to focus on various materials, such as changing it for steel or aluminum. It is a great option for companies trying to sand their pieces quickly and efficiently. You can feed your sheets into the machine and let it do the hard work so that your team can focus on more important machining steps.

Finding Great Sanding Machines

As you can see, various sanding and deburring machines can help ensure that your machining goes smoothly and efficiently. These benefits are critical because investing in a new machine shop is a costly venture, and you need to make money as quickly as possible to ensure your operation is profitable.

Take the time to read through all of this information a few times and identify a machine that makes sense for your needs. Doing so can give you better insight into your operation, especially if you’re just starting a new machine shop and need a little help to transition to full-time ownership.