The Best Way to Keep a Piano Clean Before, During, and After Moving

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Moving a piano can be incredibly difficult. How to keep a piano clean during, after, and before the move is an important consideration. Dust is a problem when moving. The piano is particularly vulnerable during this time. Following these tips will ensure that your piano doesn’t get too dirty when you move.

Before You Move Your Piano

If you are planning a big move, it is great to get your piano cleaned before you move. This will give you a chance to make a fresh start. You should be sure that the cleaning is completed before the Piano Movers Los Angeles-based arrive.

You should polish the exterior and exposed parts of your piano with a soft cloth first. Do not use a wet cloth to clean the piano because it will leave moisture and streaks behind. Furthermore, unless the finish is perfectly smooth, use only a soft cloth rather than microfibers.

During Your Piano Movement

You should use fabric and padding when moving the piano to prevent scratches or bumps from damaging its finish. The padding should, however, be clean. In this way, you prevent your piano from becoming dirty as you move it.

Make sure to wash moving materials before wrapping your piano in them if you are reusing them.

After You Shift Piano at Your New Home

Clean the interior and exterior of the piano after it has been positioned in your new home. The best way to eliminate dust from your piano after it has been moved is to use a feather duster. Make sure to dust your piano lightly when using a feather duster to avoid scratching it. Dusting the keys should be done with extreme care since keys are particularly fragile and vulnerable to damage.