Tips For Opening a Bakery

A person holding a tray of baked goods

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a bakery you may have come up with the perfect menu in your head, but there is a lot more to consider than just the food you will serve. Below you will find tips to consider if you ever turn your dreams into a reality and launch your store.

Store Logistics

The logistics of your bakery layout and seating are something to consider. While, of course, it is not as important as the tastiness of your treats, the atmosphere of your shop will still play a role in customer satisfaction.

Consider giving customers both indoor and outdoor seating options. When the weather is nice, a lot of people want a chance to sit outside and enjoy it. While you may only be able to offer outdoor seating for part of the year, it is still a great addition to your shop.

Another option to consider is creating a private space for small meetings to occur. Offering an opportunity to rent or reserve a small, closed-off space at the bakery gives people the chance to meet without interruptions for both these individuals and other customers.


Marketing your new bakery is going to play a big role in your success. Whether you are in the ideal downtown location or a bit out of the way, your main goal is to attract customers to your store.

While traditional marketing techniques may still help your business grow, social media is going to be the best tool to help you reach a large potential customer base. Consider creating your accounts before you begin setting up the store so you can document the journey from start to opening day; this will get your customers excited about what is to come.

Once the store is open, be sure to keep social media up to date with daily specials and pictures of the drool-worthy food. If you have photogenic food display cases, posting updates of what is in the case each day is a great way to attract customers.

Business Extras

If you can set up an online ordering platform, this is a must-do. Customers love the option to view menu items and prices, while also having the added convenience of ordering ahead of time if they are on a time crunch.

As you make important decisions about the new store, just remember, both the food and the atmosphere make a difference in your customer’s experience.