How To Give Your Business a Facelift

You have been in business for quite a while and your storefront could use a little boost to catch the attention of those who pass by. Small touches to the exterior can entice customers to stop in and see what you have to offer to them. Here are a few improvements that you can make.

Add Color To the Outside

Contact a custom sign shop washington and order new signage to replace any that has faded or is broken. This is a chance to rebrand if you want your company to have an updated, modern look to it. If the siding or brick is weathered, add a coat of paint to it to give it new life. Coordinate a contrasting color to help it stand out but avoid choosing colors that clash with each other. Deep scrub any windows that face the street or areas where customers might be such as the parking lot. Step outside each day to pick up any litter that might be on your property and dispose of it.

Update Your Landscaping

Mow any grass that you have in the area at least once a week. If your schedule is tight, hire an outside company or individual to do this for you. Trim any trees that are in your door or any place where a client might walk. Set planters outside your door or along the walk and grow flowers for additional color to your storefront. During the winter, shovel any snow that might fall on a walkway then liberally spread salt or ice melt to make the path safe to enter your building.

Advertise From Your Storefront

Change the display that you have in your front windows once a month or when you have a new, exciting product to offer. Keep this area clean and free of clutter. Change the bulbs that display around your front windows immediately when they burn out.